About Tax

PET WITH U always aims to be tax compliant. Our online products don't include any local taxes. Buyers are responsible for taxes if there is any. 

1. Do I need to pay the tax if I order from PET WITH U?

Each country has its own regulation regarding the tax. Some countries are easy to import into, and have few restrictions and no taxes, while other countries are very restrictive and have high taxes. To avoid the future inconvenience, we strongly recommend the buyers to learn the tax regulation of the destination country before purchasing from us.

2. If I have to pay the tax, how much will it be in general?

Usually, the tax may vary due to value and category of the goods. Different countries may have different policies in importing tax rate. You can minimize the tax by learn your local tax regulations.

3. Can PET WITH U send the package by under value declaration?

Due to the strict regulation, we are unable to declare the goods as gift or under-declaring otherwise the fine will be generated. Hence all packages send from us will be declared according to their actual value.